The fate of the Armenian race is underpinned by an unwavering sense of community. Our long and difficult history has forged an enduring heritage deeply rooted in the Armenian language and religion.

Evidence of this heritage can be found in all corners of the world thanks to Armenian merchants who played an important role in global maritime trade. These devout and diligent merchants established communities in the most important trading posts, building lasting institutions integral to the cultural and commercial fabric of their host countries. Many of the towns Armenians settled in had an Armenian Street and where viable, the settlers built a church which served as the heart of the community. Significant architectural and visual reminders of these contributions made by early Armenian settlers can still be found across the world.

The Armenian Street Foundation collaborates with leading artists to recreate impressions of life on Armenian Street. This first series traces that uniquely Armenian journey from our heartland in Eastern Anatolia - Paradise Lost - to the trading posts of Southeast Asia - Paradise Found.

ThIS exhibition is part of the collection at the Armenian Heritage Gallery Singapore.